About Us

Jolley Clean is a family owned company that is dedicated in providing a quality service at a good price. This company was started by Jordan Jolley and his wife Amber who both are hard working people with God and family as their priority. After finding out that there was a need for an attentive janitorial services in the Nacogdoches area, both Amber and Jordan decided they could close the gap and help supply the demand. Starting this company alows the Jolley family an opportunity to serve the small town they love, contributing in keeping it clean.

Jordan Jolley -"We are thankful for the opportunity to raise our family in Nacogdoches, Texas. This is a beautiful town, full of God fearing, respectable, and fun loving people. There is no other place I would rather live."

When you need a service that goes beyound just cleaning, call us! Our passion is to treat every client as the only one and to personalize service to a degree simply not available elsewhere.